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Garden Party Writers Club

Jacksonville, Florida September 20th 2012 Treasure Books N’ More Publishing is currently seeking members for The Garden Party Writers Club. There are opportunities to get paid to write that you may not know about on topics you’re passionate about.

          Here’s your chance to connect with businesses, companies, corporations and individual brands and get paid to write about products and services. Would you enjoy writing about Food, Fashion, Travel, Music, Entertainment, Health, Love and Money? How about writing about writing?

Gain the skills, tools, and know-how to write for a booming business and get paid like the professionals. Don’t get left behind. Businesses trust you more when you understand timelines budgets, and concepts. Becoming a member of The Garden Party Writers Club affords you all of that.

Get respect as a paid writer with your understanding of story concepts. Know how to ask the right questions, who to go to and what to say. Learn to be poetic in your thinking which reflects in your writing.

As a member of the Garden Party Writers Club, you receive valuable information that could catapult you into a paid numbers bracket for writing you never dreamed of.

This isn’t rocket science. It’s not academic writing or journalism. Anyone can do this. According to Steve Slaunwhite, “you can earn top income working from home. Put your creativity to use and get paid!”

“What you have, share! What you know, teach!” ~ Maya Angelou

Treasure Books N’ More is a division of Brenny Foster Management LLC. Brenda Foster is CEO and Owner of Brenny Foster Management: a Premier Writing Company. She has published several books, designed an informative E-Book on the subject of Growth & Prosperity, and she’s Founder of The Garden Party Writers Club. She’s blazing an entrepreneurial path and wants to take you along!

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How to Turn Your House into a Cash Cow: The Old Fashion Way!

 Are you a home owner? If so you could be sitting on a cash cow! Financial wealth doesn’t happen over night but being a homeowner has benefits beyond providing shelter, warmth and a cozy roof over your head.

One of our greatest accomplishments is home ownership. It’s something to be proud of but sometimes we can’t see the full benefits of it. I’m a perfect example of being blind to what I had. I had the perfect cash horse only I didn’t know it.

I didn’t always have an entrepreneurial spirit but the older we get the wiser we get. At least we should. That being said, downsizing is not always a good idea. It was the costliest mistake I’ve ever made. I learned the hard way the treasure I had in a house verses apartment living.  Be that as it may, what I’d like to share with you now are ways to turn your home into a cash cow if the need ever arises. I would like for you to learn the full benefits of home ownership and how it could lead to financial freedom, retirement peace of mind, and cash flow for life. Here’s how.

First Home ownership is just the beginning. Turning your home into a potential cash cow takes sacrifice, creativity, and know-how plus investments.  Also, every home isn’t built for the ideas I’m going to present to you. Neither is every family make-up, neighborhood, or city. This idea works best for people who own a house in the major cities who don’t use a lot of space. However this could work anywhere if you’re motivated enough. It also works for families in which all members are onboard with generating cash through the use of the home.

I understand that your home is your castle, but in these hard times your home may be the only leverage you have against poverty. People lose jobs every day. Their homes go into foreclosure and they lose everything because they weren’t motivated enough about other possibilities they could have utilized to save their homes. I’m not talking about taking on more financial responsibilities like loans or cash advances. That’s not a good idea.

I’m talking about making that extra bedroom for rent to a college student if you live near a university.  I’m talking about opening your home up to children or to teach a group of your neighbors a certain skill you know. I’m talking about opening up your creative mind and turning your home into a cash cow if need be. Following are several examples.

  1. Babysitting: Most states by law say you can babysit up to five children in your home before you have to call it a daycare center and take legal measures to ensure you are abiding by state laws and regulations. Still, you get to choose your fee. Having five children in your home from infant to five years of age, at $175.00 per week per child sounds like a cash cow to me. But you have to genuinely care about these children. Nevertheless, this equals out to $3,500 per month. And you don’t have to give up your weekends.
  2. Rent a Room: If you have the space, rent a room (or two) in your home to a college student from a nearby university. You lay down the law, give them a curfew, and charge them $100.00 a week. Add this to your $3,500. That brings a possible monthly income to $3,900 per month.
  3. Host Specialty Parties: Take a small percentage of your earnings to purchase a starter kit from any one of the home-based business such as Avon, Health care products, gourmet food, candles etc… Continue hosting parties only if you’re making money. It helps to know how to self-market too. An out-going, up-beat personality is usually all you need. Tie these earnings into your other monthly earnings and watch your cash cow grow. Of course you have to factor in house-hold bills but that’s the whole point. You want to be able to pay your mortgage and bills without going under. If you’re not living beyond your means, this can be easily managed.
  4. Shampoo: people love to have their hair washed. It’s something that’s needed but people don’t always want to take the time to do it themselves. I also imagine there are some senior citizens in your neighborhood who can’t manage this on their own. A $25.00 hair wash on Sundays is a great way to connect with people and you get to hear all kinds of interesting stories. You could wash as many heads as you want and set your own schedules.
  5. Swimming/music lessons: If you have a pool and you’re an expert swimmer or were at least taught to swim by an expert, share your knowledge. Knowing how to swim is vital in the summer season. Especially if there are lots of kids in your neighborhood and a lake nearby. Did you play an instrument in school? Perhaps you still play. Your skills as a flute, violin, guitar instructor, or whatever instrument you played could go a long way.  If you’re really good at teaching swimming or an instrument, you could easily charge up to $75.00 or more per hour on some evenings.
  6. Cooking: Are you a good cook? You don’t need a license to sell burgers off your grill from your front porch.  Hot dogs go a long way too for $2.00. A case of hot dogs costs about $7.00. About 24 hot dogs come in a case. If you live in a busy neighborhood full of kids and passersby, selling hot dogs could get lucrative on any given afternoon. You could even spruce them up and make corn dogs on a stick. A $48.00 profit off of a $7.00 box of hot dogs sounds like a cash cow to me.
  7. Arts and Crafts: Are you crafty? If so, create, sell or teach others what you know. Crochet, Gift Baskets, hand-made jewelry, candles, soap, etc…
  8. Laundry: Not a bad idea to launder or iron shirts for people in the neighborhood. Of course you’d want to pick certain days for doing laundry running a babysitting service and all. Have to keep an eye on those babies.
  9. Yard Sale: it’s true. One person’s trash is another person treasure. Got a house full of stuff you don’t need or use anymore? Hold a yard sale. People love your things even if you’re no long sentimental about them.  You can also shop at your local thrift store and resell the merchandise at a slightly higher price. That’s just something fun to do!
  10.  Computers: Are you good with computers? In this age of technology, there are many people who can’t keep up with frequent changes in the new hardware and software. You could hold classes in your basement on Microsoft, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher, plus any other software programs that you’re proficient in. Are you getting the picture now? Create a list of things you’re good and get going!

 Finally, I think people give up too easily in hard times. Or they wait until they’ve dried up all their resources before starting something new. But many people are fighters and are willing to do what’s necessary to make ends meet. In terms of investing, the smart thing to do is to invest in products that appreciate. What that means is, if it can’t work for you it’s probably not a good idea.

Last but not least, good investments that appreciate include Art, Real estate, and Land. As a home-owner you have the perfect collateral, but do not undertake a venture such as investing in real estate without proper knowledge and legal backing. Are things becoming clear? Most importantly, invest your time and energy in filling a need rather what people want.

My suggested reading: Homemade Money by Barbra Bra beck and The Courage to Be Rich by Suzie Orman.


P.S. Stay tuned for the next installment of Making Money the Old Fashion Way: “How to Sparkle and Shine.”

Brenda Foster

Brenny Foster Mgt LLC

The Heart of Fiction:

I bet one day Shakespeare got a bright idea and decided to do an experiment by putting life on stage and telling stories that revealed his inner most thoughts and feelings.  He juxtaposed that if the audience was affected then life must be real. If it wasn’t then who are we, what are we doing, and why are we here?  Through Fiction we might never know. But life it turns out is real commercially and literary speaking. Thus, when it comes to fiction there’s a hint of truth in every prose.

Are you someone who views the world as a stage? Perhaps you are someone who takes life seriously and nothing plays second fiddle to excellence, making intelligent choices and following rules to the tee. Either way, it takes imagination to get through the day. For many, imagination is what gets them through life. I can just imagine Shakespeare as a young man experiencing life in a way that made him question his very existence. Am I real or not? Is life real or not? How would he know unless he took his imaginings and put them to the test? Either that or he had fallen madly in love. I prefer to believe the latter. Ever heard the expression, ’If it isn’t written it isn’t so?’  I believe this, Shakespeare understood.

Life on commercial terms means it involves people and every aspect of their humanity being publicized, based on imagination. Literary life is life expressed specifically through intellect, excellence, ink, and imagination providing light on the stage of life. Okay I won’t bore you with intellect and excellence. Let’s get down to the heart of fiction: The truth is, what’s at the heart of Fiction is as diverse as the person writing it. Yet on many levels we all share a certain spice. That special flavor in fiction is Imagination. Without it life becomes a boring show.  That being said, imagination provides the rainbow to your hopes, dreams and aspiration. Fiction is the magic carpet ride.

Romance is at the heart of imagination. Day-dreams of heroic lovers have spawned novels throughout generations; Gothic and Historic. Regardless of how far you travel you’ll find Romance at every turn whereas Mystery provides just the right amount of darkness to catapult a dreamer to the forefront of their endeavors simply by not knowing what’s just outside their door. Curiosity keeps us seeking answers about life. But, if we choose otherwise, Fantasy allows us to travel to distant places and escape the doldrums of daily existence without question.

What would we do without Suspenseful thrills? Life provides many. I can’t imagine not having chills crawl up my spine when it comes to taking risks or bumping into unsavory characters on the street. It means I’m alive. Nevertheless, a colorful imagination could turn a perfect stranger into a fierce protector, romantic warrior or father figure. Ladies understand this all too well. We’ve all made choices in which we imagine that we could venture back in time and erase what we thought then were enchanting chapters in our personal novels. But, such is life!

Life can be a horror show with its many dark corridors, catastrophes and disasters potentially waiting around the bend.  If only we could experience one last time the innocent genius found in children’s books or the warm infatuation found in young adult. Even the Real “Girl-friendships” of Fiction in contemporary writing seems inviting compared to its opposite. To get to the heart of fiction we must experience all these things and then remember what it’s really like being part of mainstream society and whether or not we want to coexistence with the part that lacks imagination or takes off on flights of fancy with fellow dreamers whenever or where ever the desire strikes!

What is at The Heart of Fiction? I imagine it’s you! Were you listening or were you daydreaming?

By Brenda Foster – First Lady of Fiction

CHANNEL Mag E-Zine: The Art of Living

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 Dear Professional,

Are you self-employed? Do you run a small business? Are you artsy and crafty? Are you in need of affordable promotional material? BRENNY FOSTER MGT LLC is a premier writing, desktop publishing and consulting company that specialize in written communications used to sell, market, and promote products and services.

Chances are you’ve seen marketing material used by big business and wished you could create a persuasive selling campaign that fit just right for the size of your company. But all you’ve been able to settle for is the dull mat business card because it fits within your budget.

Hello! I’m Brenda Foster of BRENNY FOSTER MGT. I’m currently running a special on everything in my written communications arsenal from Sales letters/Sell-sheets to PowerPoint presentations to, Cold-calling scripts and Product Displays. Everything flies under $500.00. My interests are in book tours, hand-made jewelry expose’, home-made candle lovers, and original art sales, plus specialty service promotions.

We cater to Authors, individual brands, specialty associations, non-profit organizations and small business owners. Brenny Foster MGT LLC is a small business and understands the difficulties you’re faced with when getting your message to your target audiences and potential customers in clear, concise, and affordable ways.

Social Networking is a wonderful platform for getting your information out there but how is it being presented? There are only two ways: Professionally or un-professionally.

You get one chance to make a prospect a believer. Allow Brenny Foster MGT LLC to help you look great and sound professional, affordably. To receive FREE our information KIT, send an email to Or give me a call at 904-415-5955.

This information kit is yours for the asking. Simply give me a call at 904-415-5955. I’ll send it in a flash! I’ll even include a FREE Bonus article: How to Build Confidence!


Best regards,

Brenda Foster

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COMMITTEED THUMBNAIL IMAGEIf you’ve not read my book you’re missing out on a great Romantic Thriller! Here’s a snippet. Enjoy!

Chapter 7

The Good Fight

It took Logan more than an hour to drive back to the Badlands which wasn’t very far. The National Guard had blocked off every entrance and exit to the city which created a convoy if disappointed drivers turning back into Philadelphia. As she drove toward her destination, she wondered where everybody else thought they were going in all the snow although the National Guard had stopped her several times and questioned her reason for being out there too.

“Ma’am I’m going to have to ask you to turn back. The roads are blocked and there’s nowhere to go,” said a soldier at Fayette Street which led to the expressway.

“But I have to check on my grandmother, she’s home alone. It’s not  too far ;just a couple of blocks over on Beranger Street.”

The soldier knew that Beranger Street was nearby so he let her pass. She was stopped several more times but reported the same story each time; that she needed to check on her grandmother who lived alone on a nearby street and they let her continue. Finally she had reached Despines Psychic Parlor on Frankfurt Avenue and managed to park. Bells jingled above the door as she walked through it. Despines was a fortune-teller, palm reader, and Messiah’s grandmother. As she entered she noticed right away how beautifully the interior was decorated and how mysterious the place felt. She looked around the parlor in awe of the colorful beads and silver globes that hung from the ceiling and doorways. She smiled down at a large black and white Tabby that emerged from behind a purple satin curtain and Despines followed after it.

“Senorita, Logan. Buenos Dias!” she said.

“Hi. Buenos Dias to you too,” Logan replied. “Um, I came to talk about, Messiah.” Despines suddenly looked uncomfortable when she had mentioned Messiah. Despines began rambling off in Spanish and Logan couldn’t keep up. What she did make out was, ‘Spirit,’ which Despines had repeated several times; something about good spirits battling bad spirits for Messiah, or at least that’s what Logan thought. Since she wasn’t sure, she had Despines write it down. For the most part, Logan understood street Spanish but Despines spoke native Spanish which had a certain dialect so Logan really had no idea what she was saying. Logan took the note scribbled on a small piece of paper and thanked her. Despines never questioned her about why she was out there in all that snow which led her to believe she was thankful that she was. At least she knew that someone was out looking for her grandson, even if she didn’t have any information regarding his whereabouts which Logan did not believe.

“Come, come!” Despines said and gestured for Logan to sit at her special table. Reluctantly Logan sat down and Despines put out her hand. Logan placed her own hand in Despines. Despines looked at it peculiarly and frowned. Suddenly she spoke perfect English but with a strong accent.

“Your husband loves you, dear, very much. He is sad, though. There is something he doesn’t want you to know,” Despines said. “Messiah…Messiah…Look to his name, the answer is in his name,” she repeated. Logan looked at Jessica’s mother with amazement.

“What does all this mean?” Logan asked. She never actually believed in clairvoyance and thought those people knew some magic trick to understanding some basic human phenomena we all shared. They just knew how to put it all together and make it make sense under certain circumstances. Either way, to Logan, it was all faked and she thought those people made a fortune off of fooling people. She would not be fooled by this old woman. “What do you know about, Messiah? What happened to him and where is he?”Loganinsisted. Despines looked sad and Logan wondered why this so-called psychic knew so much about her but seemed to know nothing about the whereabouts of her missing grandson.

“He is waiting for you, “Despines said. “Please find my grandson,” she added with despair in her eyes. Despines squeezed Logan’s hands in hers.

“What do you know, ma’am?”Logandemanded. “You know something about me but nothing of your grandson! Where is he?” Despines lowered her head and Logan was convinced she knew something.

“Has someone threatened your life?”Loganasked.

“No,” Despines answered. “Find my Messiah. He waits for you!” Despines said and rose from her seat.

“First you have to tell me where to look,” Logan said and rose from her seat.

“Look to his name,” the woman said again. Logan stared at Despines for a few seconds then turned to leave when she knew she would get nowhere with her. But just as she reached her hand out for the door knob, Logan was stunned by what she heard.

“Someone will die protecting you,” Despines said in broken English. When she heard those words, Logan stopped dead in her tracks. Those were the words she heard spoken in her dream the night before. She hesitated but didn’t look back. She slowly turned the knob, opened the door, and left. She did gaze into the window before returning to her car but Despines had disappeared behind the purple satin curtain. Logan decided to hold her thought.

She drove back up Glenwood Avenue toward Fifth Street where she saw Pepsi again. She started to pull over but when he looked up at her, the expression on his face told her not to. But if he knew something she was going to ask him about it anyway.

“Hey Pepsi, have you heard anything?” Pepsi didn’t look her way. He stood and waited for the red light to change but his mouth was moving. “Pepsi!”

“Jessica is dead. They just found her. It looks like an overdose. Go home, Mrs. Lady!” he insisted. The light turned green and Pepsi dredged through the snow across Fifth Street oblivious to Logan. She didn’t want to press her luck either and keep asking him what he meant, and so she just sat there unaware of the green light until the driver of the car behind her beeped their horn. She made a left turn back onto Fifth and then a right onto third. As she crept toward the top of the hill she saw red, white and blue, digital lights flashing from police cars and wagons. Once she reached the top she quickly spotted Raphael in the crowd of onlookers and he spotted her. When he didn’t blink or turn away, a chill crept up her spine. Logan surveyed the rest of the crowd as they stood like zombies in the falling snow. Everyone seemed expectant rather than upset. They were all just silent as yet another life was lost in the Badlands. That was life as usual for most if not all of them, and tomorrow no one would even mention Jessica.

Loganlooked back to where Raphael stood but he was gone. She searched the crowd with her eyes but didn’t find him. Slowly she backed up so she could turn her jeep around. She went back the way she had come and followed along Glenwood Avenue back toward Germantown Avenue. But before she could turn right onto Germantown, a dark-colored sedan with tinted windows pulled alongside her and threatened to run her off the road. Unbeknownst to her, Robert had just made a left turn onto Glenwood Avenue in the opposite direction and spotted Logan’s car fishtailing with that other car following closely beside it. He made a soft u-turn in the snow and caught up with the two cars. All three cars now swerved recklessly in a row along the snow-covered street. When he noticed the tinted window come down on the sedan that followed Logan, Rob pulled out his Glock and fired three times into it. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! The dark sedan slid to a stop and more shots rang out.Logansped frantically ahead of it. She had no idea who had fired the shots or if they were shooting at her. But from the circumstances, she assumed they were shooting at her. When she looked in her rearview mirror she saw that both cars were stopped in the middle of the street shooting at each other. The larger darker SUV seem to have more fire power as gunfire raped the night.

The dark sedan finally sped off, turned onto a nearby street, and out of sight. Panicked, Logan made a quick left turn onto a small narrow street then a quick right onto another. She had enough sense not to drive directly to her front door and took an unusual route just in case she was still being followed. She checked her rearview mirror one last time before she turned onto her street. All she saw behind her was thick heavy snowflakes falling through the darkness onto a white street. There was no one behind her so she went ahead and parked. Once she had a moment to gather herself together, the reality of what happened began to weigh in on her and she broke down and cried. As she sat in her car sobbing, a dark SUV crept up next to her. When she heard the car’s engine, she looked over at the vehicle and her heart sank. Slowly the passenger side window of the SUV came down. I’m gone, Logan thought. Still, she stared defiantly into the jeep and braced herself for a barrage of bullets. Instead, she saw Robert and he looked pissed.

“What the hell were you thinking?” he questioned in a terse voice. Logan dropped her chin to her chest and began to cry hysterically. Robert got out of his jeep and rushed over to pull her from her car. He stood holding her in eighteen inches of snow while she cried like a baby on his shoulder. After a minute or so, he pulled back and lifted her face to his.

“Woman, I am not about to roll back to New York City and report to my man Derek that his wife is dead. You got that?” Robert whispered. He hugged her again, tighter, and his lips managed to brush ever so lightly across her cheek.

“They know something and now Jessica is dead,” Logan said finally. “Messiah’s mother is dead and his grandmother won’t say anything. I spoke to her and I’m convinced she knows something too, but she’s scared.”

“Did you hear me, Logan? You are going home!” Robert demanded.

“No!” Logan said loudly and broke away from him.

“Yes, the hell you are!” Rob said and held Logan by her waist as he escorted her into her apartment.

“Where’s the alcohol?” Rob asked once they were inside and removed their coats.

“There’s a bottle of something or other in the cabinet above the sink,” she informed him. Rob opened the cabinet and took down what was left of a fifth of Grey Goose vodka.

“There’s orange juice in the fridge,” Logan said.

“I don’t need any orange juice,” Rob said and returned to the living room. He removed his sweater by pulling it over his head and sat beside Logan on the sofa. He set two small shot glasses on the table and filled just one then put the bottle down hard. “Pour your own damn troubles,” he said and threw back his first shot of vodka. “They must be crazy shooting at me,” Rob bellowed. “They don’t know who they messing with,” he added and took another drink. Rob all of a sudden popped up from his seat and became very animated. He cursed the guys who shot at him. That was when Logan noticed a huge red stain along the side of his tan shirt.

“Rob! You’re bleeding!”Loganshouted and rushed to his side.

“What?” Rob asked.

“You’re bleeding,” she shouted again and began unbuttoning his shirt but her way took too long so Rob grabbed his shirt tails and ripped the shirt open with one yank and the buttons flew everywhere. Next, he flung his white tee over his head and stood there frozen while Logan inspected the red stain on the side of his torso.

“How bad is it?” he asked while he watched her concerned face as she searched for a wound. What she found was a small hole where a bullet entered a fleshy area below his ribs and exited the skin from his side.

“Looks like it went in and out of a small fleshy area below your ribs. It was less than an inch, probably just a muscle wound, but you might want to go get it checked out,” she informed him. “I can put something on it for you for now but you should see a doctor in case the bullet actually entered and may have traveled,” Logan insisted. “I have some peroxide and cotton balls in the bathroom. Come with me.”

Rob followed her into her lavender and yellow bathroom and stood there silently as she tended to his wound. He had brought the bottle of liquor with him and took several sips while he waited for her to finish. He watched her closely as she took care of him and for a second, wanted to kiss her. But, he quickly pushed that thought out of his head and instead admired how girly her bathroom was. He thought it was pretty…like her. Logan could not help but notice his massive masculine chest either. He was coffee brown and muscular and while tending to him, her body ached in forbidden places.

They stood in her bathroom for some time while she cleaned and dressed his wound.

“It’s just a flesh wound,” she said again. “You’ll be fine,” she offered in an effort to hide what she was really thinking.

“Thank you,” Rob replied kindly also disguising his real thoughts and feelings. After he retrieved another shirt from his duffel bag, they returned to the living room. “Are you okay?’ he asked.

“I am a little shaken but I’ll be fine. Let’s put on the news and see what’s going on.”

“Good idea,” Rob said. They sat back and watched the evening news hoping to hear a report on what happened in the Badlands that day too but there was nothing, not even an update on the whereabouts of little Messiah Jackson and the fact that his mother was now dead. The news mostly consisted of the weather, the war in Iraq, and the basketball championship playoffs that were underway. And so, eventually, they dropped off to sleep.

It was four in the morning when Logan’s phone rang.

“Derek,” Logan whispered.

“Hey, Baby,” Derek said. That’s when Logan realized she and Rob were asleep together on the couch and his arm was draped across her.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine. You sent Robert to look after me, didn’t you?” she said looking down at Robert’s hand resting on her hip.

“Where is Rob?” he asked.

“He’s still asleep,” Logan informed him. She hoped Derek didn’t ask that she wake him because they were sleeping too closely and he would know. Robert had polished off most of the Grey Goose and had talked her ear off about everything under the sun. The last thing she remembered him saying was something about women needing too much; more than what he had to give. And the last thing she remembered saying to him was something about understanding how dangerous the night’s events had been and she was sorry she got him shot. She also remembered that she had hugged him before he passed out. She had thanked God that he did pass out.

“There is nothing moving but the mail,” Derek said. “They don’t see any end in sight for this snow. Maybe a short break tomorrow night but it’s supposed to continue through the weekend. I want you home, Baby,” Derek said. Logan was silent. Derek knew how to make her feel vulnerable when she didn’t want to. What she wanted him to make her feel was strong. Apparently only she could do that. Still she knew she should be home with her husband and son; not lying beside a half nude Robert Bey and avoiding gun battles. But Messiah Jackson was still missing and she couldn’t just leave while he waited for someone to come for him while nobody else seemed to care.

“I’ll be home as soon as I can, Derek. I love you.”

“Having a “Success Plan” is about reaching the silver lining at the end of the tunnel.” ~Brenny

You can stare down  rejection. You can flick your finger at failure. No time for worrying about losing. Why? Because you have a Success Plan. If not here’s where to get one. Want your life to go somewhere? People who are successful usually have a success plan. Your personal success plan answers your questions about what you would do if the worst case scenario were to  happen, or to realize your dreams, accomplish your goals and achieve your aspirations. Your personal success plan provides you with the how to’s, the what if’s and the appropriate steps you need to take to fulfill your objectives, solve your problems, and make the right things happen.

Do you or someone you know seem to be floating aimlessly through life? Do you even know exactly what it is you want out of life? Have you or someone you know lost a job, has failing health, or problems in relationships? Perhaps you do have a job, your future seems secure and you already consider yourself successful by having the ability to love and work. But if you suddenly lost your job, a practice license or a loved one who was the main bread-winner, what would you do? How would you make out if your world suddenly changed and not for the better?

What plans do you have in place to make things work? Three months’ worth of savings isn’t going to take you very far. How will you implement those plans? Are you skilled? Are you organized? Every area of life requires a success plan. Success plans are how you find ways to reach that silver lining .

Submitting a resume and applying for jobs is much the same as submitting a manuscript for a novel and hoping to get published. The odds are often stacked against you 60,000 to 1.

At Brenny Foster Mgt. LLC the goal is building lives and saving futures with this comprehensive yet simple plan designed according to your personal situations, goals, and aspirations. Your personal success plan is your individual success plan for life. It’s not a quick fix or a get rich quick scheme. This plan is for the long-run.

Create your success plan with Brenda Foster’s Plan B How to Take Control of Your Destiny Right Now: Your Personal Success Plan. Your success plan supplies you with the answers you need and gives you the directions to take you where you want to go in life. It’s made to get you out of a crunch or problem-solve your way out of a more serious situation perhaps headed for disaster. The purpose in most cases is to succeed.

Go here : click on Featured Products and purchase through the secure Paypal!

Read the E-Book first and then work the plan according to your situation. Follow the work book as you fulfill your goals. It’s a simple as that. The program was designed as a do-it-yourself success plan. Refer to your success plan when ever necessary.

I’m at your beck and call as you find your way to personal success with Brenda Foster’s Plan B How to Take Control of Your Destiny: Your Personal Success Plan. Don’t believe me? Here’s my number! 904-415-5955

Serious inquiries only! Be triumphant with a success plan!

“With success comes happiness. When people are happy, families and communities thrive. When communities thrive the world finds,PEACE!”

Brenda Foster is a self-made-go-getter whose purpose is to champion life and she’s over flowing with ideas for your success. She believes there is a higher calling for her to let others know there are opportunities out there. You just have to go get them! Your success is her success!

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